Tuesday, April 18, 2006


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So it's been such a long time since I blogged. I've only had the thig a week and already I'm missing posts, eep.

We had Top London(tm) band Monica's Dress down for a demo recording session, which meant the basement was off limits - and then The Hubby was around a lot over Easter, which meant no time to myself. Yesterday though we went to Farming World in Faversham - The Boy loved it and I think his Grandma enjoyed herself too. I got to take my entire CF card worth of photos - about 120 - so I loved it too. And I think The Hubby was just happy to have us all there & enjoying ourselves.

Now though I want to find more places to visit like this one - that The Boy enjoys and where I can take photos and that we enjoy too. And of course I want them fairly close, else we're not going to want to travel that far.


Sissinghurst Castle Gardens
Leeds Castle
Herne Bay (beach & beachhuts)

Any other suggestions are really, really welcome.

The wallflowers are starting to flower in my garden! (I'm very excited). These are the things I get excited about now I'm very-very nearly 29.

Oh, did I say? I'm having the annual birthday barbecue party! It's become a tradition - well for 3 years anyway - the first time I was pregnant so couldn't go boozing, the next time I had a young baby so didn't have the energy to go boozing (this is a complete lie, I drank myself silly and spent the evening falling over and cackling) and this year we're having the daytime birthday barbecue followed by Grandma removing The Boy to a safe distance(ie: her house) and then the evening party too! I'm looking forward to it - my last birthday party as a twenty-something.

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