Thursday, April 06, 2006

At home, other people.

So today The Hubby is at home, 'studying'. (Currently, he's tidying the basement around me, a little distracting, but hey). This afternoon we're going to visit his Nana, a tiny little old lady with a cat and a big big garden. I think the boy might be a bit overwhelming for her, but hopefully I can take him out the back and let him run around. I hope he'll behave well - you really can't tell with him - especially as he's not asleep yet.

The Hubby is taking apart his computer desk - well actually it's mine but he's been using it. It's a great big black metal corner desk with shelves above and below the desk area - lots and lots of space for all that associated crap you have on a computer desk (this is everyone else too right? Not just me?). It's going to be put away safely though because in our basement we have no corners, thanks to some weird set up with supporting beams and so on.

On a blog I found recently, someone was describing the hour long conversation she'd had with a 'freak' on IM who talked to her about all sorts of sex related things. (As they do on IM programs). She was gutted at not having saved the conversation so as to show off how much of a freak this guy was, and her witty ripostes. She got lots of comments, with one of them saying - what a cow you are' basically. And now she's gone off on one, calling this person a troll, giving him/her the finger, slagging off them and their blog.

So: she's taking the piss out of someone she egged on for a whole hour (she even made him believe she'd meet him that night) and then being pissed off & offensive that someone called her a cow. So I guess I'd just like to state that I agree with the commenter. Why *do* people think it's cool to laugh at people and have a joke at someone else''s expense?

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