Saturday, April 01, 2006

more about blogs

Wow - I'm doing one of my 43things - I'm starting to use at last. It's pretty good for me because I use my lovely, shiny, less-than-a-year-old PC upstairs in The Boy's room, and my old workhorse, bought when I worked at PC World 5-6 years ago, downstairs. I've got different bookmarks on both these PCs so I guess I can now add them all and take them wherever I go. Nice.

The other thing I'm trying is BlogMad. This is where you register your blog, visit other people s blogs, stay for the required amount of time (you can favourite any blog you like) and earn credits. These you can then spend on getting visitors to come to your blog in the exact same way. What a clever idea, huh?!? So yesterday I had comments from complete strangers after signing up - so I can guarantee it works!

Also I've added Haloscan to update my comments & add a trackback link. Now, As you can see from yesterday, I'm not entirely sure how, what or why these are a good thing. However, after some friendly comments about the subject, I've decided to just stop worrying about it for now. I might come back to it next week (if I'm feeling more intelligent). So please, feel free to leave a comment & let me know if you like the improvements!

Last thing added is a Blogroll, (down and to the left, do you see?) this is where I add links of the blogs I like, though I have only just started it so it might take me a little while to get them added in. It's a nice idea though...and there's certainly plenty of blogs out there for me to add...

Finally - it's the weekend - yay! The Hubby is at home, The Boy is being a loon, we've done a bit of garden tidying. Tomorrow The Boys' grandma will be over, and we'll be going up together to visit his Great-Grandma, so a well behaved day on everyone's part is in order. The Boy's Auntie Karen will be there and she's not seen him since Christmas, when he was only just starting to run places, and certainly didn't talk. I think she'll be quite impressed with his vocabulary!

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