Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Boy

This afternoon The Boy is refusing to even entertain the idea of sleep. He refused to go upstairs without making a big fuss, and he's refusing to lay quietly in his cot. So while he is making a mess next to me (it's okay, I'm in his room) I'm still at 43 things. What I didn't realise straight away, is that it's linked into 43 people, 43 places, and, more worryingly, all-consuming and listsofbests. For me, this is a terrible thing, as it means I will no longer be able to move from my computer. Nope, never again.

Hmm. Do you think a 19 month old should be sitting and reading a beautiful Neil Gaiman / Sandman graphic novel?

I don't. Excuse me.

Aaarrrggh. He's sucked it and it's gone wibbly. I've given him 'The Spring Rabbit' which he seems less pleased with but he can do what he likes to that, I don't mind.

Should I keep the Blogger Navigation bar? I dunno. A lot of people seem to want to take it off of their blogs, but I love it - there's no way I'd read half the blogs I do if I hadn't found them through the 'next blog' button. I mean, I guess it means people leave your blog quicker - but personally I get annoyed if a blog *doesn't* have it. It's a difficult decision to make.

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