Monday, April 03, 2006

Feeling lucky

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Here's a recent picture of The Boy, staring intently at his meatballs. Yesterday - the great-grandma visit - went really, really well. His auntie and uncle thought he was great, and he really behaved himself. He picked up a few things we had to take off him, but it's one of those 'old lady houses' - lots and lots of things. EVERYWHERE. He wasn't to know they weren't out on display for him, and he didn't complain too much when we took them off him.

I just feel really...i dunno, vindicated maybe? I gave up work to be at home all day with him, it's been a big change, and sometimes I do resent him, in a way. Having no other real life mummy-friends doesn't help of course. But I've done all this, and I've tried really hard to do the right thing with him, and there's not ONE thing I would want to change about his personality. He's interesting, and intelligent, and cute, and funny, and he's got such a sense of humour. He's a cheeky little monkey, and he cackles, and he grins at you, and he knows when he's being naughty and watches you to see if he can get away with it - but it's great - he's learning his limits and what he can and can't get away with. He's happy to play alone, but he also likes playing with people. He loves being the centre of attention but doesn't show off in a bad way. He only whines when he's getting tired. He even says please (sometimes)...yeah, I reckon we've done well.

I see so many unhappy kids - strapped in their pushcahir and forced to stay there, being ignored when they're crying, being screamed at by their mummy in the street...and more...and I'm just so pleased and proud that the boy and I get on so well, and understand each other fairly well. I mean, he's mad as a hatter and I have no idea why he tries some of the things he does, but in behaviour terms we understand each other. He trusts me not to shout at him unless it really is something he can't do rather than just something I don't want him to do. He trusts me to get him up from his cot if he's crying (rather than dumping him there and waiting for him to cry himself to sleep)- which in turn means he's happy to be left in his cot and plays happily until he goes to sleep. And so on, and so on!

Yeah. I guess I'm happy. We'll keep him.

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