Tuesday, April 04, 2006

geese and more

Originally uploaded by Claire Fun.
We went for a nice walk yesterday along the river with The Boy's Grandma. She'd brought over some bread for throwing to the ducks, but due to The Boy throwing his dinner on the floor after 3 spoonfuls (grrrr) he ate the bread, instead of throwing it. Mind you, these two geese in my photo seemed almost offended to be offered bread anyway, so maybe that was a good thing.

My exciting new close up filter has arrived, but not the unexciting step up ring which will enable me to attach it to the camera! This deserves another grrr.

We saw 'The Cat Returns' yesterday. Kind of odd film, not like the other Ghibli films we've seen, really. It was more of a kids film that most of them, I think, but it was really cute and I loved the cats - especially the bodyguard cats in their suits - so cool.

My tesco shopping order came today, so sushi for dinner tonight, yay! It's such a great service, despite the occasional mistakes. I don't drive and it's a godsend. Todays driver was a very nice young man, too. I probably would have been quite taken with him except he seemed to be about 12. I expect it was probably me and not him, huh? I'm still trying to deny that I'm getting older. And is it just me, or do policemen seem really young now too?

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