Saturday, April 08, 2006

Summertime and self improvement.

So, we had some sunshine. It's made me feel no end of better and it's making me want to get on to a self-improvement kick. I want to change a lot of things but most of them are silly, easy little things that I've just not got round to. One I have done recently, that's kind of prompted all this, was the annual 'preparing my feet for summer' - it's normally a pretty big job and takes ages, I'm one of those people who are always barefoot and my feet get dry and hard and cracked because of it and then I feel yukky when summer comes along and I wear sandals. However this year, I've been using an Avon cream on my feet EVERY DAY and sometimes twice a day and I've been wearing slippers in the house and really trying - and the other day I dug out my summer mules and wore them with glee because I've got lovely feet!

That's how simple some of these things are. I've got some other creams, lotions and potions (bust firming? Hmm - results noticeable in 4 weeks it says so I'll take a photo today, and then one in a month, and compare - and let you know) and nail strengthening - I'm desperate to stop biting my nails. Stretch mark removing too... I'm not planning to wear crop tops ever again but it would still be nice. Oh and some for your legs which gives a glow almost like fake tan but not quite, I'll let you know if it helps me feel brave enough to bare my legs in the warmer weather! One last summer change - I want to lose some weight...and will soon start to look st that seriously. Eep! Scary....

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