Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Weekly update

Yeah, so I've gone from daily blogging to weekly, I know...it's terrible. Mind you, it's finding the free time to think about things enough to write a whole blog post about them, if you know what I mean.

So, an update? We finished the kitchen in time for my birthday & my party, including lanterns and table runners and all kinds of cool things (some of which I've been photographing recently, so check out my flickr stream). On my birthday we went to Oriental City and spent a fortune - £60 in the supermarket alone. I got a Totoro! (And a Totoro organiser). As well as that we got a sake set, a maneki neko (lucky cat), some bowls, a Nightmare Before Christmas wallet - mostly 'silly stuff' - merchandising! Which is kind of cool for my 29th, I think - plenty of time for me to have grown up presents in the future...Also got some v cool books (inc Neil Gaiman - Anansi Boys from The Boy) and some nice jewellery. The party went okay - it didn't rain till after we'd barbecued! A disturbingly large amount of people who said they'd come, didn't (well, Rob, Tyn, and Ant, anyway). Rob apologised via text and Tyn popped over the day after, so i guess at least that was something. Still haven't heard why Ant didn't turn up, but when he asked us to a gig in London we said no...which, if he'd been at the party 'bigging it up' and being enthusiastic, we'd probably have gone, so that was a bit daft. You can't invite people to your gig when you didn't bother turning up to their party you said you'd go to when you still haven't apologised or said why you didn't go, can you?

Apart from that, The Man has been doing lotsa studying for his MIAA qualifications - exams soon. His birthday is on the 2nd June (yeah, I'm three weeks older) but his exams are on the 5th and the 7th, so he won't be doing much celebrating till later. I'm buying him some Le Creuset for his birthday though so at least I know he'll love his present. I can't say what The Boy is getting him, in case he reads...

We've been trying out KDE / Mepis, a Linux based operating system. It looks okay but I don't know what I'm doing. The torrent program on ther (KTorrent) didn't work properly and although I installed the deb package of Bittorrent itself, I then had no idea how to find Bittorrent to launch it. So for the time being I've given up (as I really want to download something!). i will try again though, so stay tuned.

Anyway, as ever when I try and take some time to myself, The Boy is moaning and groaning from upstairs so I'd better go get him up. Sigh...

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