Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Corey Haim!!!

Corey Haim!!!
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So the LondonExpo was very, very cool. And I met Corey Haim!!!! which I am still excited about.


Yes, still very excited about.


Ahem. I spent a fortune, bought lots and lots of DVDs (Perfect Blue, Pom Poko, Serial Experiments Lain, Appleseed), a manga, subscribed to Neo magazine, joined the UK Anime Club, bought a gorgeous Totoro pin badge, got The Man and I excellent T Shirts from Genki Gear (www.genkigear.co.uk) and took lots and lots of fantastic photographs. I dressed The Boy up as Naruto - well put a headband on him anyway - and he looked very very cute.

Sigh. Now I gotta wait a month till I can maybe meet Elijah Wood and Jorje Garcia.


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