Thursday, March 15, 2007

15th March

Homebase was a bit disappointing - no washing machine bit, and I didn't really get the chance to look at the garden centre for long as Isaac was playing up. A few good things, and we might go back, but we'll go to Wickes and a garden centre first for a price comparison.

I finally finished unturfing the onions & garlic bed! wooh! At the moment I'm half way through destoning it but had to come in for a wee, which meant Isaac came in too - and I'm not leaving him in the house 'unattended' . it's not ideal to then put the onions & garlic in the bed straight away, but considering the time constraints we've had by not actually moving in until after the last planting time for garlic, it might be better to shove them in quick and hope for the best. Plus, it's still sunny at the moment, which helps. I know we'll have more frost, but garlic needs a cold snap anyway. Dunno about onions, I'll have a look up...

Radishes still going strong, and an Okra seed has germinated!

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