Friday, September 29, 2006

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Well, we found a house we like. We've got ours on the market, and we've had our first viewing (last night though, so as yet I don't know what she thought). We've broken the news to our neighbours (she said 'oh no' when we told her - I feel mean and slightly guilty). We've started boxing up all our non-essential belongings - clothes, books, bedding, dvds, and so on. We're storing them for a while and living in a stuff-less house. The lounge looks incredibly big with none of our stuff in it, I'm tempted to keep the dvds away in a new house too.

The house we want is not stunning to look at when you pull up outside - just another terraced house, in an area that isn't the poshest - it's borderline lower Gillingham (and before you get to the posh again bit of lower Gillingham/Rainham). To balance this though, it's 2 minutes walk into the high street (which works better if you think about it as the corner shops - it's crappy for a high street but fantastic for corner shops). This also means the boy and I can meet up with my mum during the day, and that we can easily walk to assorted parks (as well as walking to the Black Lion for Isaac's swimming lessons).

It's a 3 bedroom, but it's 3rd off 2nd. We'd put the boy in the 3rd room, and use the 2nd room as a playroom. This means he can go into a big boys bed without us worrying so much about him getting out of bed and playing, and also means we can clear up his toys after he's been playing. We might put a sofabed in there as well for guests. If we do decide to have another baby, we can move into the 2nd bedroom (as it's not much different in size from the main) and have the baby in the small room off of ours, and the boy would have a big room for him & his toys.

The basement has been converted into a complete room. It has light, electricity, radiators, a double glazed window, the original fireplace, storage cupboards, and it's own entrance door. This room will be for our computers, the man's band gear, and a couple of bookcases. The band gear can come in and out without even coming in the main front door! Neighbours one side don't HAVE a cellar, and the other side only use theirs for junk, so there's no noise problems - the current owner is a DJ so is soemtimes quite loud down there.

Lounge, separate dining room, both good size & neutral. Bathroom on the small size and tiled quite dark green, but bigger than what we've got. Kitchen is galley style but with more actual cupboard space than we have in ours, gorgeous ceramic tiled floor, and gorgeous toning tiles on the wall as a splashabck, ever so nice. The RANGE cooker is staying...

Garden has a small 'side alley' part (good for storage and our shade loving pot plants). Patio is large enough for a dining table as well as the boy's slide & trike. It has a raised fishpond on the patio which will be easy to childproof. Then there's an expanse of lawn - lots, and plenty for me to do my thing with (it all gets sun as well). At the far end of the 70' garden (we currently have about 20' or so) is another patio, with storage, a treehouse with built in swing, and a raised vegetable patch. Hah! ANyone who knows me well enough will know that this sounds like heaven to me.

Now we just gotta sell ours! Here's a link : OUR HOUSE
- go and buy it.

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