Saturday, July 29, 2006

About time I returned

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Heya, and sorry to any readers.

I'm back now and it's all go, preparing a 2 year old to go on holiday. We've taught him what windmills are (we're going to Norfolk) and he can sing the holiday song (which goes hoh-hoh-holee, though we know it better by Cliff Richard). As you can see, I've bought him some cool shades - cute huh?

It's a nightmare trying to pack while keeping him occupied - and stop him from unpacking as we go along, of course. God knows what we'll have in our bags by the end of the day. We're off in two weeks time, but I'm trying to be as organised now as I can be. I've also got to get the house spotless as his 2nd birthday party is two days after we get back, and all the family are coming, so I've got to do it before we go...

Aside from that we're going out clubbing tonight, which is a bit of a rarity - but it's to a Japanese rock music night and I'm very excited! I've been trying to listen to a bit more J-rock so there'll be a few songs I recognise, but I think I still lurve Glay. Oh, and Asian Kung-Fu Generation but that's mostly a Naruto thing...

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