Tuesday, March 13, 2007

13th March

My first day in the house with just Isaac for company - tbh most of my day was spent with him. The weather was a bit gloomy as well. plus I'm lazy. I did start to dig out the grass in the proposed 'onions & garlic' bed, but I didn't get very far as there were LOADS of slabs and stones - big and heavy stones, that would not easily move. Apart from that, the soil was good, dark and loamy, and completely full of worms.

Our new neighbour Maureen says that there is some bindweed about, but we've dealt with that before, so we can do it again - at least we know what to look for. The proposed cabbage site is quite shady due to the (other) neighbours large shrubs shading it, which worries me a little, so I think I might juggle it a bit and move cabbages about - put the kale and perpetual spinach in there instead - the cabbages can move down to the pumpkins & courgettes area as it's big enough to fit lots of cabbages in, and the pumpkins and courgettes can go in pots on our cobbled area that gets the most sun in all the garden. I think that should work fine...

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