Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Finally, finally we have a potential move date - March 2nd (just over a week away). It's all dependent on us exchanging this week and as of yesterday our buyer still had not received her contracts to sign & return. However, everyone seems to want to exchange this week with a view to exchanging on the 2nd, so we're going ahead and booking days off work & getting our helpers to do the same. We're hoping to have Justin's dad to help drive & carry, and Justin's sister offered to come down as well. I'm hoping to have my mum to help amuse Isaac & give me moral & cleaning support.

Glad to be finally going, though I do hope I'll have enough time to do everything here I want to, and leave it in nice enough condition. We've still got to dig up some of our plants from the garden, and I think tonight we're going to be moving some boxes over to Justins mums garage, as we want as little in the house as possible on moving day (we've got to be out at 1am, with our buyer moving in at that time...).

Also start of March is great - any longer and my whole 'garden with sun? Let's plant vegetables!'
thing would start to get buggered up a bit. Here's what we're trying (for the first year):

Beetroot - Boltardy
Broad Bean - Express
Brussels Sprouts - Evesham Special, Greyhound
Cabbage - Golden Acre Primo,
Carrot - Early Nantes, FlyAway, Healthmaster, Autumn King
Cress - American Land Cress
Jeruslame Artichokes - Fuseau
Kale - Nero di Tuscano
Lettuce - All the Year Round, Little Gem, Webb's Wonderful
Salad Leaves - Lollo Rossa, Salad Bowl, Oriental mix, cut & cook mix, annual rocket, pak choi
Leek - Musselburgh
Okra - Clemson's Spineless
Onions - Sturon sets, Bedfordshire Champion seeds
Onion (spring) - Ishikuro
Parsnip - White Gem
Pumpkin - Mars
Radish - French Breakfast, Rainbow mixed, Mooli
Runner Beans - White Lady
Tomato - Gardener's Delight, Tigerella, Sub Artic Plenty (plus Tumbling Tom is we can find where we squirrled away last years seeds after they'd dried)

Plus lots of herbs and plenty of annual flowers, with a few perennials. Wish us luck, eh?

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