Monday, November 13, 2006

We've bought a house!! (subject to contract)

It's in Gillingham, Woodlands Road to be exact. May I bore you with the details?

It's got a front off road parking thingy, it's a thirties house with rounded porch & bay windows, it's got a nice big hall (with lovely wooden panelling, very period) and a through lounge diner. Tiiiiiiny kitchen, small upstairs bathroom & three bedrooms, two are good doubles. It's got a brick built shed in the garden, and the garden is about 50 foot but then there's a second garden - an allotment, really - of about another 50 foot. In years we will extend lounge & convert to kitchen diner, and wqe would also add a conservatory (as a garden that size is crying out for one & it'll add value as well as being lovely). The loft is also extremely convertable in the future. We're wondering about another brick built unit in the garden for rehearsing, and we're also very excited about the periodness of it - we're going to keep some of the busy wallpaper (just on certain walls though) and we'd put in cast iron fireplaces and so on. We're also thinking we'll have a thirties themed housewarming party! (Justin is very excited).

It's a proper grown up house AND still walkable to Gillingham, train station, park, schools, and most importantly, we can walk to the Barge...:-D

Very excited. It probably will be a weekend we move but obviously no set date yet as all too soon. Coupla months or so I expect...

Though of course move day is going to be a nightmare as we're going to have to complete on this house & get out for our buyer, and complete on that house & have them cleared out - all on the same day. We can't afford to complete on that house without the money from the sale of this house! Arrrrgggh.

Huh, I'll worry about that later - for now I am too excited.


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