Tuesday, February 27, 2007


...and lots of them.

We're now not moving on the 2nd as not only did our sellers solicitors not receive the form they were waiting for in the post, but now our buyers solicitors have said that the buyers money won't be ready after all (despite recent reassurances that it would be) as her deposit (which we thought was all sorted & ready) is being sent by a family member, from Ireland, by cheque, in the post and won't arrive by Wednesday. Then, because it's going to be a cheque, and one in Euro's at that, it won't clear in time until the 9th.

Bloody ridiculous, and I have said that I've had enough of the excuses on both sides, and that if we don't exchange pretty damn soon, I'm pulling out and putting in an offer on the other h0use we like (on the Isle of Grain). Sod keeping our buyers or our sellers, if I'm the only one actually putting in the work for this to go ahead!

We're asking them to contact the buyer and see if a Telegraphic Transfer could be done. This would speed things up and at very least enable us to exchange sooner, even if we can't move. We still haven't heard from our sellers if they're ready. Last week we were all of us confirmed and ready, now suddenly nobody is but us. Grrrrrr.

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