Wednesday, March 14, 2007

14th March

Ridiculously, the radishes are have germinated already! I know they're quick but...anyway, it's quite exciting to see them poking up - at least we know *something* will germinate! (Obvioulsy I hope for more crops than just 6 radishes...).

I dug more of the 'onions & garlic' bed but Isaac was 'helping' - when I found him bringing me all the labels I'd put in to mark where to dig, helpfully, with a big smile, I gave up and went indoors.Later in the day I managed to weed most of the raised bed, to clear it for our herbs & or salad leaves, and I also managed to build the little plastic greenhouse thing, which was harder than it should have been, due to most of the framework bars not actually being in the box and having to make a support from a bamboo cane. It was all there when we took it apart and packed it, so god knows what's happened to that. However, mum called and says she still has the framework of her great big walk in greenhouse and she thinks they'll fit. She's also got some pea netting we can have, which is fantastic!

We're going to Homebase tonight, supposedly to get something to plumb in the washing machine (I'm looking forward to that!) but I want to have a good look around their garden centre bit - it's quite good there, and the local B&Q is rubbish in comparison. Yay!

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