Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Exciting things...

I'm so excited at the moment! Not only have we booked our family holiday, but I've just this morning paid the deposit for a short break for JUST Hubby and me - no boy pestering us, asking us for things to eat, getting bored of waiting for things to eat, talking non-stop, etc. I can't wait!

The family holiday will, of course, be in Uncle Toms Cabin in Hemsby, as ever. We're going to have a whole two weeks there, which is *great* - and gives us plenty of time to relax as much as possible while still having plenty of days out. We'll eat at a few lovely pubs by the broads, we'll visit a few gorgeous long sandy beaches, we'll wander around a few broads, we'll visit a windmill. It'll be lovely.

The just-us-two holiday is at a village called Wilmington in Devon, 6 miles from Axminster. We will be visiting the River Cottage Canteen & food store, and we'll go to Lyme Regis too. The place we're staying is rather plush and has amazing views, and I plan to sit at the picnic benches in the wildflower meadows eating local fresh food, and take as long as I want to about it all! It's going to be starnge without the boy, but it's going to be *quiet* too. Today he went on his first ever school trip (to the beach!) so at the moment, quiet is something that quite appeals to me...

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