Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Link / Legend of Zelda gloves

I was desperate to knit something 'cool' for my 15 year old nephew's birthday, and one thing we share is that we like to cosplay - I tend to do anime characters, and he does Link, from the Legend of Zelda games (and is pretty good!). He had 'gauntlet issues' once and decided he wouldn't be wearing them, so I came up with these - gloves he could wear while cosplaying, but that also would not look out of place at school or on a 'normal' day with his friends, whilst still showing his love of Link. After a few dry runs, I decided that knitting flat and duplicate stitching on after was my preferred way, though obviously this is a fairly simple and extremely adaptable pattern, and you should be able to convert it to knitting in the round easily enough.

I used KellesBelle's triforce chart for the duplicate stitched pattern. She's kindly allowed me to link to it, and if you like the Linky goodness here, you should also check out her Link scarf and hat pattern (I wonder if my nephew would like the hat...?). They're entirely made of awesome.

I used Sirdar Click Chunky with wool (2 skeins, but it didn't use all of it) and size 6.5mm needles (US size 10 1/2). The Click chunky is an acrylic and wool blend, so washable, but still soft. For the tri-force itself I used a cheap acrylic dk weight! The colour was more important than anything else...but sadly I don't have the details anymore. (If I can hunt them down I'll edit this post, pesky ball bands!)

THE PATTERN (wait for it...it's *really* complex...)
Cast on 40 st and work in 2x2 rib for 8 rows.
Work in st st until desired length, and finish with 8 rows of 2x2 ribbing again. Cast off in pattern.
Sew the sides together, leaving a thumbhole.
Duplicate stitch THIS chart onto the back.
Weave in ends!

Tricky, huh? Though, if you have any problems, please give us a shout, I'll be happy to help.
Hope you enjoy it and please show me any you do! Oh and - DON'T SELL THIS PATTERN OR ANYTHING MADE WITH IT, thank you very much.

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