Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Knitting update

Weeeell, I'm getting there.

Mum's bag - DONE
Cath's gloves - practically DONE (2 rows left)
Joe's scarf - DONE
Isaac's hat - DONE
Pamela's scarf - DONE
Karen's bag - done but for felting
Darren's dice - done but for sewing up
Pepop's hat - DONE
Marjorie's bag - half way through, going quite well
Auntie Dithery's scarf - DONE
Keira's hat - done but for one ear & sewing on face
George's bear - not done yet
Joyce's bear - not done yet
Di's scarf - DONE
Peter's socks - NOT DONE and WILL NOT GET DONE so will do something else quick - probably a hat
Mike's scarf - NOT DONE and WILL NOT GET DONE...
Ian's scarf - half done
Megan's scarf - DONE
Justin's blanket - DONE
Justin's socks - NOT DONE and might not get done - but at least done enough to show him and carry on.

So at the moment I'm doing Marjorie's bag - it's quite nice so far. After that I''ll finish the end of Cath's gloves so I can wrap them, and then sew up Darren's dice. Then I will panic. Yes.


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