Friday, November 07, 2008

Getting a bit silly now...

Currently in progress : 
Rose's Wristwarmers. 1 glove done, 1 glove started, paused, got ill, put down. 
One bear : Started, got distracted, have since forgotten how to crochet.
One pair of socks : went a little wrong on the heel turning, so ripped back and now can't face going back to them until I know I can give it my full attention. Yeah, with a 4 yar old in the house.
One lacy scarf : I had been enjoying knitting this but then I got distracted by knitting something else on circulars, and now these looooong needles are just annoying me.
Hello Kitty hat ears : The hat is done, the bow is done, but it's such a struggle pulling the loop of my circular, plus I knitted 2 ears and they weren't the same, so I just can't face doing another.
Police tape scarf : long, slow and boring, there's no way this is going to be done in time for Christmas.
Grace shawl : Well, this one is for me (unlike all the others) so of course it's on a backburner. Plus, I suspect it may take me about 7 years to finish as it's so delicate and lovely.
Socks mark 2 : Different style entirely, and this one is mostly waiting for when hubby and boy aren't about AND i'm not doing other things, as this is a secret knit for hubby.
Cable scarf : used 1 ball as stated, is way too short, haven't got the money to buy another ball.
FMA Bag : After drunkenly purling what should have been a knit row, and being fully aware of my complete inability to pick up stitches, I can't face this one either (as much as I really want a Full Metal Alchemist bag).
Hat: I cast this on last night. Why, for gods sake why? It's not like I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE I COULD BE KNITTING...

I also take the boy to school wearing one stripy glove and one plain glove. And the stripy one doesn't have it's ends sewn in yet. 


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