Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's autumn and no mistake

I've just got back from walking the boy to school and brrrr, I've got that cheeks-been-slapped look to my face (oh yes, always a stylish look for me...). Luckily, I have the knitting to keep me warm! (and the tea, which hubby made this morning as we *think* I'm coming down with the boys cold...). I've finished the twisted drop stitch blanket and it's very cosy and rather lovely - I'll add the pattern as soon as my ravelry user is merged with my ravelry designer profiles - and now I'm making the boy a hat - again, couldn't find the exact pattern I was after so I'm making it myself - dk in the round with a ribbed brim and loads of teeny little stripes - he chose the colours he wanted, and I shall bust my stash to use them! (well, at very least the little odds and ends left over from other things).

My other works in progress are Christmas knits - socks for Uncle Peter, Rose's wristwarmers for my sister, a jute 'gardening bag' for my mum, a knitted police tape scarf for one cousin, a more grown-up cabled scarf for another cousin and for my nephew, a scarf for my mother-in-law...that's all I've started so far but obviously I have more I need to do. Waiting for some wool to arrive for my sister-in-laws bag, and I still don't know what to do for the boy or his 4 year old cousin. I need to add the ears / bow to the Hello Kitty hat for my 5 year sister-in-law and I need to crochet 2 bears, one for Nana and one for baby-brother-in-law. Hats for the father-in-law and the mother-in-laws boyfriend, and I'm not sure what to do for hubbys grandma either. Still, it's mid-to-late September and overall I don't think I'm doing too bad.

Other stuff to do today? Finish placing a Tesco order (boo, hiss, there goes all my green credentials), play about on 'Lil Green Patch' - yes, the facebook application, have a problem with that? - browse about on Ravelry just for the joy of it, and this afternoon do some more tidying of lounge and kitchen, as Ant is coming over to see us tonight and we'd really rather he didn't think we live in a hellhole. Even if we do.

Photographs tomorrow of the hat-in-progress and maybe something else...betcha can't wait,, huh?

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