Thursday, June 18, 2009

Knitting projects update

The knitting I have on the go at the moment :

  • Beach Bag from jute twine, for the beach, duh.
  • Chevron Scarf (which I'm going to save and take on holiday with me in August)
  • Full Metal Alchemist bag - yes, the THING thats' been hanging over me for so long, I've pulled it off the needles and I'm just going to start again. I've cast on and st st-ed a few rows...and put it down again. One day!
  • Wrap with birthday wool - okay, I'll be finishing this tonight, so it's almost cheating to include it, but it's pretty and sparkly and I might even wear it to the summer ball, so that's exciting.
  • Teachers Gift scarves - one for Mrs Sparks, one for Mrs Sharp. Okay, not actually cast on, but I know what patterns I'm doing, and I need to finish them both in about a month, so I really should get round to starting...
AND the stuff I want to start soon: A chevrony blanket to use up all my odd balls of cheap dk. A 'toxic' nappy cover for my rock friends baby (due in July). Some interesting yet manly gloves for my husband, possibly for Christmas. (any suggestions?) A gardening bag for my mother-in-law for Christmas. The Brea Bag for my sister for Christmas. A tea cosy for hubby's grandmother for Christmas. An Odd and an Adipose for my son and his cousin to fight over for Christmas. Some fingerless mittens (Princess mitts, I think) for hubby's cousin for Christmas. And to finish those damn socks. Hmmph. Wish me luck.

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